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Manchester to Wales Feature Image

Manchester to Wales

August 12, 2015


Gareth Cottrell, James Carter and Bob Chrystal cycled 125 miles for charity. They hit many problems on the way. This is the story.

Shot over 17 hours on the 1.8.15 this Cinematic Documentary follows Gareth Cottrell and a few friends as they headed off to wales to raise money for a brilliant charity. Cycling through sun, rain and broken bikes they made it in under 16 hours.

Directed by Fraser Cottrell
Camera by Nick Beddows
Editing & Colour: Fraser Cottrell
Soundtrack by Carolino // Letting Go — One Hundred Years // Infinity — Blake Ewing // Patience

With Thanks:
West Way Nissan
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative
When You Wish Upon A Star
The Music Bed
© Fraggell Productions


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